The story of Hetzel & Hetzel Enterprises and the “Kythan Safety Firefighting Nozzle” began in 1996 Saudi Arabia when inventor, Lonnie Downs, was conducting testing of some products using the Venturi effect. It was realized that due to the Venturi effect, there was no backpressure on the nozzle which was designed on the theory of the Venturi tube. After years of building and testing prototypes, making application for patent and meeting industry standards, Hetzel & Hetzel Enterprises is proud to introduce to the world this revolutionary firefighting nozzle, which is the Safest to Use , and Most Versatile  Ever Invented.


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Hetzel & Hetzel Enterprises Team

Dr. Jack Hetzel

There are very few pioneers left in this world today. At 97 years old, Dr. Jack, our president and CEO certainly qualifies. His amazing story begins in 1921 and extends through a full military career of over 20 years, spent in the U.S. Army Air Corps, U.S.Army, and the U.S. Air Force seeing action in World War II Europe (involved in 6 major battles) and The Korean War. With no more than third grade education, Jack became an instructor of “Military Science” at Texas A & M University. Since retiring from the military, Jack has always been involved with entrepreneurship creating many successful businesses and non-profit charities which are still in operation today. Jack is “happiest, when helping people in need.

James French

James grew up in a firefighter’s family, having a father serving over thirty years with the City of Tyler, TX., Fire Department. James has first hand awareness of the daily family life of a firefighter shared  with the professional life endangering services our firefighting heroes unselfishly provide daily in order to save lives and property. James spent has worn many hats as project manager, superintendent, safety officer, and quality control manager for a worldwide firm and also as a building contractor. James “Gets it done.”

Mama Pat Hetzel

In Charge

Inventor Lonnie Downs (Seated)

An extremely interesting and knowledgeable man with a knack of providing very descriptive details when discussing the history and development of the “Kythan Safety Fire Nozzle”. .